About Anabatik

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Who We Are?

ANABATIK started its Indian Operation formally during with Chennai as the Headquarters and its branches in and slowly spread its business roots to grow rapidly touching almost all states in India.

Simple Start, Strong Strategy, Proven Products, Aggressive Agenda, Powerful Promotions, Dynamic Distribution and Never-ending network. These are the Principles that had riven the ANABATIK Management during the launch of their Indian Operation.

What We Do?

We are proud to be a direct sales company that is vigorous, idealistic and strategic with the goal of creating a situation of ‘Win – Win’ for distributors, customers, trading partners and our business associates.

We operate in a very competitive industry and challenging, which is constantly evolving. Therefore, it is very important for us not to rest on our achievements, we continue to develop new methods and means for sustainable progress, gives its distributors and customers around the world, trust and belief that ANABATIK really “Your Global Link”.

Why Choose Us?

Products and Business that we undertake is the best in the industry. ‘Unity is Power‘ was the foundation that we made a switch to run a very profitable business, we have always believed that success can be achieved with the cooperation of teams that are very strong. This culture we always strive to grow within our company. Our products consist of Health supplement Products, Personal care, Beauty, Agro and FMCG.

Some of our products are widely known among others, K-Liquid Chlorophyll, K-Flax, Protein Pro and Ayurveda Series.

What we Done ?

ANABATIK has a proven system that is able to increase the ability of distributors, in order to succeed in this lucrative Business. We continue to grow and thrive and continue to strive to be a Direct Selling Company dominant in India.

The Great Team

Peter Hart
Creative Director
Betty Lane
Marketing Manager
Richard Pierce
Risk Analyst
Janice Rose
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